Wednesday, May 3, 2017

That Reminds Me

Fishing season opened up around here last weekend.
I need to get a new fishing license.

I can't fucking wait to see how much the cocksucker went up this year.


taminator013 said...

Our trout season opened on April 15th. The cardio rehab people gave me the okay to hit the stream as long as I didn't overdo it. Went out on the 18th and only waded about a half mile. That's a lot less than I used to do, but it was nice to get out. Caught six decent rainbow. Now if the weather would only cooperate I could get out again. Not really fond of using a graphite rod in a thunderstorm..................

Old 1811 said...

Fishing involves water, a boat, a rod, and a reel. I see none of those things in this photo. Please clarify.

idahobob said...

Very nice ass.


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