Tuesday, May 9, 2017

So, Comey Is Finally Out On His Ass

It's only five months overdue but who am I to quibble about such things, I can only assume it took a while to really nail him to the wall.

I am personally disappointed with Mr. Comey after hearing he had such a sterling reputation for integrity a few years ago, only to see him fold like a cheap suit and roll around in Hillary's corruption like a dog in week old road kill, very publicly.

Very disappointing.

It drove home the lesson that the corruption in this country has reached the top levels of every single department that has anything to do with law and order.
The DOJ, the FBI, the NSA, the BATF, pick one and take a minute to look at recent history.

The scandals are endless.

The fact that Comey basically told the entire country that Hillary Inc. had done nothing that rose to the level of prosecution was a bald face lie told directly to the face of every citizen of this country and we all knew it.

He also completely destroyed any facade of respectability for the FBI at the same time.

The fact that then president Obama didn't fire him on the spot for it just highlighted how corrupt his administration was.

Don't even get me started on that subject.

So the next question I have to ask is do I think that whoever winds up as the new Director of the FBI is going to change a damn thing about any of this?

The obvious answer is Fuck No.

It's too far gone at this point.

Do I think President Trump is a shining knight on a white horse who is going to magically make all this better and cause all these corrupt assholes to repent their ways and tread the straight and narrow?

Uhmm, no.

Again, it's too far gone.

The corruption has seeped into the core of our government like rust creeps into the seams at the bottom of an old tin bucket.

The final looting of the citizens of this country will continue unabated until the last penny that can be stolen is locked away somewhere and then the total collapse will be set in motion to cover the tracks of those most responsible for it, while people like Hillary Clinton and James Comey saunter away out of sight and out of mind to collect their share of the spoils and sneer at the rank stupidity of the American people for letting them do it.

Because if there is one thing I can guarantee you, somehow, some way, Mr. James Comey is going to wind up being well taken care of as soon as enough times passes for this to be swept aside by the next outrage du jour and forgotten about.
There will be an offer at a law office, a Think Tank or a fellowship somewhere and the payoff will be all nice and legal.

Think Scooter Libby.


  1. Now that he's been fired, here's a list of things former FBI director James Comey can do to occupy his time

    Prank call Donald Rumsfeld.
    Investigate the pizza delivery person who keeps pissing on his lawn.
    Find Jesus.
    Write a sexy bromance book about his love for crossdresser J. Edgar Hoover.
    Masturbate obsessively




  3. Finally got quick change tool post and the bit holders.
    I'm lovin' that shit.



  5. Comey made the FBI a laughing stock. He should have been gone last summer, like you said.


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