Sunday, May 14, 2017

But Can You Outrun The Radio?

Crazy fucker reminds me of myself back in the day.
He got lucky this time apparently.


Sixbears said...

I used to drive little narrow cars and would disappear down narrow alleys and down sidewalks where they could not follow. At the time there were a bunch of cars like mine in town so they never could prove for sure who it was. Never let them get a good look at my plates. Never got a ticket.

drjim said...

WE always used to say that no matter how fast your car was, you couldn't outrun a 4-speed Motorola!

Angus McThag said...

You don't need to outrun the radio, you just need to make the circle you could be in so large they can't cover all the routes out of it. The longer you're out of sight from any officer, the larger that circle grows.

In an urban area, like shown, there's lots and lots of routes to account for and many fewer cops to plug them.

Happily, Darwin doesn't sleep and eventually this behavior stops.

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