Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Aaaaaaaaaand, It Was A Muslim

What a fucking surprise.

Not too hard to guess on who was responsible for the heinous bombing of young people at a concert in England.

Trump wasted no time calling on all civilized nations to come together and "obliterate this evil ideology".

It's way overdue by my thinking but it would fit the historical pattern of Muslim conquest over the last 1400 years,

It's time to go medieval on their asses.


Anonymous said...

Probably do no good, but I hope that the people who continue defending and promoting Muslim immigrants finally realize that the Bad Actors do not give a single fuck who they kill in their attempt to kill Westerners. Anyone with half a clue should have realized that this concert venue did not have enemies of Muslims attending - most in fact are probably some of their biggest defenders. The bomber did not care, he / she was only interested in a large body count. 29 dead and more than 50 injured - pretty effective bomb, unfortunately.

Anonymous said...

Where is Charles Martel when you need him?

drjim said...

Nuke the bastards!

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