Sunday, March 26, 2017

My Good Deed For The Day Is Done

I had to replace the garbage disposal underneath the kitchen sink.

It had been leaking water from the bottom for about a month so I knew it's days were numbered.

Got online, looked it up at Lowes, ran over there and picked up a higher horsepower, bolt in direct replacement for $150 out the door.
Conveniently, the wife wasn't here to tell me I was doing it wrong, so it only took about a half an hour.

No, that isn't me. I don't have an ass, just a crack at the top of my legs.


drjim said...

Did the same thing a couple of years ago.

Sunday night about 8:30 the thing goes TU and starts blowing water all over.

Run to Home Depot, grab a bigger-than-we-had Insinkerator, and swap it out.

Total time: 75 minutes.

Eastwood said...

Make sure to knock out the plug if you are hooking a dishwasher outlet into it

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