Sunday, February 26, 2017

Yeah, It's Like That

I am still wiped the fuck out from those two back to back twelve hour shifts, I worked my ass off.
Two fucking days later and I am still fucking tired and sore.

The wife turned on the Daytona 500 thinking I wanted to watch it because I used to be a big racing fan but they have fucked that up to the point that I don't even consider it to be a legitimate racing contest anymore.

I told her it was a waste of time to leave it on.

Then my brother called me thinking that I was watching it and was asking me what this segment thing was they were doing and I told him that I didn't know and I didn't care.
Surprised him because like I said, I used to be a fan.

Some stupid motherfuckers made the decision that they needed to market NASCAR to the Soccer Mom crowd or something a few years ago and fucked it up terminally.

They can all kiss my narrow little ass.

That ain't racing people, that is entertainment disguised as racing.

Fuck you NASCAR.

I ain't coming back no more for that shit.

I grew up around racing and I know it when I see it and I also know that shit isn't real racing.

This is and I would rather watch these guys battle it out than a bunch of Prima Donna Metrosexual Pretty Boys run around in circles to a script with non stop product advertising every 3.2 seconds.


drjim said...

I recorded it to watch later, but a couple of my hard-core racing buddies said to not even bother, and that they totally fucked it up.

Oh, well......

da said...

quit watching three years ago.....

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