Thursday, February 23, 2017

James O'Keefe Posts Hundreds Of Hours Of Inside CNN's Studio Recordings, MSM Circles The Wagons

O'Keefe just did a hatchet job on CNN by releasing hundreds of hours of audio recordings reportedly from inside CNN's studio that allegedly came from someone who worked there from back in 2009.
Perusing the headlines and a few articles reporting on it at the usual MSM outlets shows that they are returning the favor by posting all the dirt they can dig up on the guy trying to discredit him.

It's pretty much like watching a bunch of school kids calling each other Boogerhead.

More notable actually is the lack of any coverage at all of this story by many of the big name news outlets.

You see, that is how the MSM really does their dirty work, by ignoring news and not reporting on it at all.
If it doesn't fit their agenda, it didn't happen.

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Irish said...

Stop back over for your boobies :)

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