Saturday, February 4, 2017

'E' Does Not Mean "Enough"

That shit drives me crazy.
I have been broke, I also know what it's like to run out of gas too.

I remember being so damn broke I pulled into a gas station on my way home late at night once about thirty five years ago and had the guy put ten cents in. That's all I had but it was "Enough".
I only had to go about another mile and a half and that was when gas was about a buck a gallon.

The gas gauge doesn't even work in my El Camino, I use the trip odometer.
A friend of mine has a saying that is good to remember.

"Rubber wheels beat rubber heels, every time".


  1. My father-in-law told me, "It cost just as much to keep the top half of the tank full as it takes to keep the bottom half full." As soon as these words of wisdom were uttered to me, it changed my entire outlook on the risking running out of gas game. I have never ran out of gas, or even worried about running out of gas since. I wish I would have met my wife sooner.

  2. Heh, back when cars had steel gas tanks, the tanks would rust out where the top of the fuel would usually sit.

    If you constantly let your car sit just off empty the tank would rot through right at the bottom. If you kept it full you could usually get away with just not filling it to the top for a while to keep it from leaking until you could replace the tank.

  3. I run out of gas 17 years ago wound up buying the gas station. owned it 11 years I bet I ran out of gas 40 times while I owned it. I was so happy at quiting time I would forget.

  4. That person on the right was the kid I gave a couple of gallons of gas to in the middle of nowhere in northern New Mexico. He was forty miles from the nearest gas station and ended up sleeping in his car overnight in below-freezing weather before I came along and saw him trudging down the road with gas can in hand. Luckily I was driving my Jeep with my 5 gallon gas can strapped on the back, you can't siphon gas out of these new vehicles (my gas filler hose goes all the way across the car then ends in a ball check valve at the top of the gas tank that would keep it from going in farther).


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