Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Ya Gotta Love It


I just stepped out front for a quick puff or two before hitting it for the night and found my car sitting half way out in the street.
The driveway is still covered in ice from last week and after coming home from work, I parked it and came inside, it apparently just slid back down the driveway and out into the fucking road on it's own.

The side streets around here are still a network of ice and clear spots depending on how much traffic and sun they have been getting. I finally took the cable chains off the bastard yesterday.

Later on this morning we are supposed to get flat fucking hammered with freezing rain.
They were talking a solid inch of the shit up in the Columbia river gorge, just East of here.
4 to 8 inches of rain in the Coast Range of mountains and all of that headed this way. When it meets the freezing ass cold coming from the Eastern side of the state funneling down that gorge it is going to be a huge skating rink.
It's supposed to warm up after the rain gets going real good. That's going to melt all the snow in the mountains just off the coast which will between the two cause massive flooding.

They say if you don't like the weather around here to just wait ten minutes.
So far this has been one of the coldest and wettest Winters I can remember since 1996.

It just won't stop with this bitter fucking cold and the rain coming is a classic Pineapple Express coming from the South West.

If they get even half of the ice they are predicting up in that gorge it will shut down the interstate one one side of the river and the old highway on the other side for fucking days. Portland will be paralyzed for sure.

It's going to be interesting around here tomorrow afternoon.


Sixbears said...

Give me two feet of snow over freezing rain any day.

Anonymous said...

the way you drive maybe your car was trying to leave


Roger said...

Yeah, we're having an unusually wet winter here in Thailand, too. Flooding down in the South, although they have a little different weather pattern down there. I don't know much about weather on the left coast (lived in LA a couple years, but that really doesn't count) but I remember when I was a kid in Akron, and then later up outside Detroit, my dad bought a big sack of rock salt every year.

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