Sunday, January 15, 2017

Waiting For The Left's Moves On Inauguration Day

Because this is going to be an epic beat down opportunity.
I keep seeing where they want to disrupt the inauguration and are threatening all kinds of shit.

Let me break some news your way assholes.

Number one, you SJW's jumped the fucking shark a long time ago. Ain't nobody afraid of your asses.

Number two, judging by the Trigglypuffs among you,

dumping a couple of dozen bacon glazed donuts in the area will serve as both a deterrent and a diversion at the same time.
Either your hefty warriors will stop to graze or your gluten free vegetarian types will run away in horror.

The first dozen is on me.

Number three, you people are fucking weird and think that everyone else should accept your crazy shit as normal.

See number one above, it looks to me like the results of the recent election have proven this notion to be demonstrably false.

I keep hearing that the tactics you are planning on using will be the same ones used in Portland Oregon recently, blocking traffic and other assorted acts of assholery.

Let me be the first to point out that a Presidential inauguration in the nations capitol of Washington D.C. is as far removed from the response of the Portland police as you can get in the lower 48 kids.

Even the Portland cops finally had enough of your bullshit and threw your asses out of City Hall and shut the doors in your faces.
Do you not think that perhaps a little Mace might not be in your futures if you try that shit in the nations capitol while every available cop, National Guard unit, Secret Service Agent and the FB fucking I are right there waiting for you?

I absolutely CAN"T WAIT for the hilarity to start!

My only hope is that the backlash gets put up on Youtube right away so I can download it.

So bring your best game fuckers, you think you are all that and a bag of chips?

I'm thinking you have a series of nasty surprises coming your way in the very near future.


Glenn B said...

I love this post.

drjim said...

I hope they try and pull some really serious shit off, and get blasted by all the cops and snipers.

No rubber bullets, bean-bag rounds, or water cannons.

Real live, high velocity 308 and 223 right between their fucking eyes.

idahobob said...

Enough of their childish bullshit!


Anonymous said...

more bodybag fillers


Anonymous said...

Excellent post. You appear to be 1% or more tolerant than me and just as grumpy. I like it. You are welcome to drink my beer anytime. Busch regular, but there you go. Brother Mark

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