Wednesday, January 18, 2017

The Neighbors Must Think I Started Drinking Again

At least this time it didn't make it all the way out into the street.

It was about a foot and a half away from the garage door when I parked it last night.

Thank God we didn't get another dose of that ice like they kept saying we were going to get and the rain finally melted that shit off the driveway.


Ross in Texas said...

Spread old fashioned clay kitty litter on the driveway. Car won't slide away anymore and it will wash away in the rain or garden hose. I always carry a bag in my vehicle when ice is forecast just in case I need some extra traction somewhere.


Ross in Texas

drjim said...

I always carried a bag of "Oil Dry" in my El Camino. It's the same stuff as kitty litter, and costs a lot less.

Anonymous said...

chain up your beast so it don't wander off


Mittrucks said...

This is likely a dumb question, why not throw some salt or ice melt on the driveway? Works great around here.

Phil said...

Coupla reasons, one, I'm lazy, two, we really aren't used to this kind of weather in the first place and especially not used to it staying so damn cold for so damn long.

This is the Pacific Northwest, it's supposed to rain like hell here but not get down below freezing for more than a couple of weeks at most per year.

It has now been that couple of weeks and sure as shit it's gone now.

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