Saturday, January 7, 2017

Some People Have WAY Too Much Time And WAY Too Much Money On Their Hands

Get a load of the size of this Remote Controlled Crane.

The people involved in this build entire cities and run these little machines all over the place.

Just a guess but I'm thinking a few thousand dollars involved here.

I got sucked into a rabbit hole watching some of these videos and some of this miniature equipment blows my mind.
If you watch the whole video, you will see the guy using a rake handle to knock the lifting slings loose. That's how tall this thing is.
Twelve feet tall I'm guessing.

A twelve foot tall, remote controlled, Toy Crane. Jayzus.

I'm going to have to show this to the Wifely Unit later and threaten to get into this crap. That should be enough to cause her to lighten up on me for the crap I do have going now and make it seem rather harmless and cheap.


  1. Pffft... I'll see your RC crane and raise you this one:

    This guy spent 7 years "excavating" his dirt basement with RC equipment

    Videos here:


    Hope your cold is getting better and the weather in that area doesn't do you in! ;)


  2. All he needs are some scale model dead hawks and eagles piled up around the base of that wind turbine. Still, it's Very Cool. I can see it would have taken a lot longer without the helpful giants in the room to do things like fasten the setscrew holding the turbine blades in place.

    All that aside, the video appears to be in Germany. I've seen similar things at one of the two biggest model makers' shows: Cabin Fever in Pennsylvania. This year's show is next weekend, in Lebanon, PA. Which is near Harrisburg and convenient to fly into. The other is called NAMES (North American Model Engineering Society), usually outside Detroit, and in April. (quick search: NAMES 2017 ) You might look around in your area; there are other shows besides these two, but these are the big two.

    Cabin Fever had an area for RC construction equipment like this, and another area about the size of a hockey rink filled a foot deep with water for RC boats and ships. Personally, I think the scale model internal combustion engines are what I'm most interested in. This one is the only one I took video of. Crappy cellphone video as it might be.

  3. "I'm going to have to show this to the Wifely Unit later and threaten to get into this crap. That should be enough to cause her to lighten up on me for the crap I do have..."

    Good plan! Now that you have the metal lathe, you're gonna need that 3-axis mill and the CNC adapter from Harbor Freight, too.

  4. more toys for the boys


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