Friday, January 20, 2017

"Peaceful" Trump Protesters Turn Violent, Where Is My Shocked Face?

You blinked and missed it.
We are watching a bunch of Dindu's standing around a garbage barrel they set on fire running their yaps.
As I predicted they went aboriginal and got face fulls of Pepper Spray for their troubles.

Businesses and vehicles have had their windows busted out and they are screaming that it is their right to protest.

It sure is snowflake, until you start breaking shit.
Then it's game on.

I'm not the least bit surprised, I fully expected this shit and so did the D.C. police department.
My only thoughts are what it is these fucking idiots are going to find to get red assed about tomorrow.

I'm sure the'll find something.

In the mean time, like at least a couple of million fellow citizens who do still actually have jobs and keep the lights on in this country, I am going to work here in a bit.

I hope to see some crying little bitches who got roughed up by the cops when I get home.

At my age it's the little things in life I enjoy anymore.




  2. Same thing happened across the river in Portland last night. I believe the police should arrest as many of those assholes as possible, then after booking them, check the welfare rolls to see if any of them are on food stamps. Then eliminate them form the welfare rolls - permanently.
    I heard on Lars' program yesterday that the cops were going to charge those fuckers with disorderly conduct. I the case of the rioting, that should carry a first time fine of at least $250.00, then double to $500.00, then double again to $1000.00 and so on. Of course a nop-nonsense judge would have to levy those fines. And Christ knows, those judges are few and far between in Portland.



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