Tuesday, December 6, 2016

They Say That If You Don't Like The Weather Around Here Just Wait Ten Minutes

Think I'm kidding?

Yesterday about this time we had snow.

24 hours later, the current conditions,

According to the overpaid talking heads with no clue, it's supposed to cloud over here in a couple of hours, get colder than a well diggers ass and we can expect more snow, freezing rain and ice all over the fucking place for the next couple of days.

It is wise to pay attention to the weather forecast around here even if they are wrong half the time.
This area is built on a series of steep hills, when it gets icy, it gets treacherous and downright deadly for those who don't know how to drive on the shit.
There are places you don't go, period.
Of course since I work at night, Black Ice is my biggest worry.
You can't see the damned stuff and you can be the first one at the scene of a wreck before you can say Oh Shit! around here if you aren't careful.

Ask me how I know.....

On my way home I ran into one I hadn't seen for a while and had forgotten about that is also just a great time.

Freezing fog, in the dark.

It ain't even Winter time yet.


  1. hmm, just how many wrecks occurred until you started driving better?


    1. My best guess is that I have been in over sixty car wrecks of varying severity.
      At one point in time I had totaled 29 cars and pickups in a 10 year period and that's not counting motorcycles.

    2. wonder if Angel can match your score?


  2. Replies
    1. Damn close. Portland is right across the river.


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