Saturday, December 10, 2016

SJW's Are Getting Too Easy To Troll, Outraged Over Non Existent Fisher-Price "Kiddie Bar" Toy

Good lord these fucking idiots are weapons grade stupid.

People Are Panicking Over the ‘Fisher Price Happy Hour Playset’—but the Toy Isn’t Even Real

Home Life
By Emily Zanotti | 1:49 pm, December 8, 2016

The Internet is ablaze with outrage over a new Fisher Price toy hitting markets just in time for Christmas—only the toy isn’t real, Fisher Price has no intention of producing it, and the image that’s riling up consumers is a Photoshopped product box intended as a social media joke.

A photo, supposedly of a “Fisher Price Happy Hour Playset,” has been going viral on Facebook. According to the “ad,” the set, which has three very happy looking children playing bartender and barfly on the box, comes with a plastic bar, complete with three plastic bar stools and beer bottles, all authentically scented with the smell of stale beer and shame (probably).

Some parents, clearly not realizing that the “Happy Hour Playset” was a joke, took to Facebook to express their outrage at Fisher Price for marketing such a terrible product, and to bemoan the state of a society that encourages toddlers to experiment with drinking and mixology.

The real issue here is that these fuckers have gotten so used to throwing fits and getting their way that they don't even bother to take a serious look at what it is they are throwing fits about anymore, they just demand conformity at all costs.

I have some bad news for the perpetually butthurt, some of us still have a sense of humor and have absolutely no intention of giving it up just so you fucking morons can feel better about the world around you.
As a matter of fact, some of us absolutely relish every single opportunity we get to troll you stupid fuckers on purpose.


Anonymous said...

aw the poor little fluffies are upset about something that never existed

maybe time to hold another riot in protest?


Irish said...

Libtards are seriously fucking stupid.

Anonymous said...

Love the bar tender. Where did they find that kid.

Unknown said...

I love it when mindless dimwits get wound up in there own farts, and forget who farted.

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