Monday, December 19, 2016

I Literally Have T Shirts Older Than That


  1. Go to my FB page and look at my avitar.....that foto is the "T-shirt from the first "Chute out" at the Gulch....10 MAN Skydiving SPEED STAR Competition!! I was with the "OTAY BUNCH" from Sandyeggo!! That T-shirt is now 43 and 3/4 years old!! in 2000 it was 27 years old.... GO FIGURE!!?? And I still SKYDIVE!!! skybill-out

  2. you mean they had tshirts back when you were a teenager?

    when was that?


  3. Yup. One of my coworkers that sits behind me was born in 1979. I graduated high school in '81 (presently 53, soon to be 54). Big time generation gap, has no clue that Ronald Reagon was president (not even sure he knows who Reagon is). What really makes me feel old is that my boss's infant granddaughter I saw at my 1st Christmas party (in baby carrier) just graduated college this past fall. Damn !

    1. I graduated High School in '79 after dropping out for a year and going back.

  4. got a pair of boots i bought in 1999. still going strong.


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