Thursday, December 15, 2016


So we got the snow yesterday
Big whoop it was too.
Dry and powdery, I'll take that any day over the fuckin' ice like we had last week.
I didn't have any problems getting around and actually got to hang the ass end out in the El Camino a few times, I absolutely love that.
It's the one lingering bad habit I have from my wild assed youth that I indulge in when I think I can get away with it.

It's also the reason I haven't swapped out the little V6 for a 350 Chevy V8 in that thing.

I know myself, well.
If I had any kind of horsepower available to me I would use it.
I would be sliding around corners all the fucking time in the rain around here and that's just too damned much temptation for me to resist.

So as I am getting just a few blocks from home last night, just about Midnight, I stopped at a stop sign to hang a left and see these two little fuckers spinning donuts in the middle of the road on some four wheelers. They sounded like big One Lungers and these two are just having a good ol' time.
I hung the ass out a bit then they stopped to let me get by and around another corner I went onto a bit of straight stretch to the last turn before the house.
I'm putting along and I can hear these two little fuckers go right back at it behind me. Those four wheelers are loud man.

I'm half thinking to myself that it's a bit late on a weeknight for that but then I hit the driveway and go in the house to warm up. I wound up working outside in that miserable shit last night for a couple of hours and was wanting to kick my feet up.

I have a full throttle cold weather survival suit I got from a buddy a few years back and that thing is the shit for being out in the cold.
So I get in the house and take all that shit off and the whole time I can hear those two kids out raising hell on the quads around the neighborhood and in particular the street right behind my house.

I decided to step out back and have a smoke and the timing was perfect. I could see over the fence into my neighbors dark house that they were up and peeking through the blinds watching the little rabble rousers. Those people get up about 5 AM to go to work so I can only imagine that they are pissed off.
The best part was that just as I stepped outside, I heard one of the other neighbors out there reading them the riot act at full volume.
Yelling that it was fucking Midnight and people had to get up to go to work, his kids couldn't sleep because of all the noise and which fucking house do you little bastards live in because I am calling the cops.

The youngster were pretty typical of this day and age and were mouthing off and telling the guy the could care less.

This went on for a minute and I couldn't see because of the fence but I'm thinking the guy must have started making a move on 'em because they wound up the engines and sped off.
They didn't get too far down the street and they suddenly went silent.
That means the little bastards are near by.

I was just outside a minute ago and the guy I think was doing the yelling last night was spinning the tires on his old Chevy pickup trying to get in and out of his driveway.
Something tells me that if those two little shitheads try and pull that crap again tonight that someone is going to get their ass kicked. Most likely the male parent of the little bastards.

Ya gotta love livin' in the burbs man.

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Anonymous said...

too bad there is not a reward bounty to collect when eliminating the little versions of you


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