Thursday, November 10, 2016

We Got A Glimpse Into Societal Breakdown Behavior Yesterday,This Is Why You Do Not Have Enough Preps.

Tens of thousands of Butthurt Liberals protested in 25 cities yesterday, most of of them peaceful but some not so much.

In Portland they took to an increasingly popular tactic of shutting down two major freeways and the Light Rail commuter lines.

They shut down a freeway in LA also.

In Oakland they got violent right away.

Over a hundred and twenty five people were arrested across the country in these demonstrations, there was vandalism and lots of general assholery.

Because they don't like Trump.

Talking with the wife last night, neither of us could remember running downtown to light shit on fire and block traffic after Obama won the second time around.

TENS OF THOUSANDS, shutting down freeways and blocking traffic, because they were unhappy about an election.

I can get that to a certain point but not on the scale that I am seeing here.

Now lets do a little thought exercise.

Take a minute and imagine what these same peoples reaction would be if say, the delivery trucks stopped running to a certain city because they have the freeways shut down. It would take a couple of days but they would notice the effects soon enough.

Or the electricity went off for a week.

Or a major earthquake hit.

You get the idea.

How are these people going to react when it is a life or death situation?

If this is any indication then I am telling you that you aren't and can't be prepared enough for it unless you don't live anywhere near a major population center and have a very deep larder.

These Americans are one step away from being savages and there is your evidence.

Shut down the EBT system in this country for a week and you will be able to see the cities burning from space.


Robert Fowler said...

"Shut down the EBT system in this country for a week and you will be able to see the cities burning from space."

In a way, I would love to see that. The idiots when they riot usually burn down their own shit. I say let it burn and if they want it built back, they can do it themselves. Woe to any of these idiots that come close to me and mine. I've got 2 Marines and another that's a good shot. There won't be any shenanigans in my AO. I'll be cleaning nasal passages with a hot 223.

drjim said...

Just keep checking your six until after Trump is inaugurated. I wouldn't put it past Old Jug Ears 0bama and the Hildebeast to release the rest of their BLM Flying Monkees to wreak fear and havoc throughout the US....

The last time the EBT system went down for a day or so here in SoCal, the ones who had them were bewildered. I would suspect that if they went down nationwide for more than a couple of days you'd see things get ugly faster than "one week".

Peter said...

IIRC, a computer bug delayed the distribution of the EBT benefits in Atlanta, and had them rioting and picketing in eight hours....

Anonymous said...

Libertarian dude do you wish to promote people to exercise there first amendment rights to show there displeasure or would you rather they just take up arms.

Phil said...

Apparently you missed this part,
"I can get that to a certain point but not on the scale that I am seeing here."

I absolutely support them exercising their First amendment rights.
When they start hurting other people, shutting down freeways and rail lines then I think they have gone too far.

Easy enough to understand?

Phil said...

There is no government over reach involved here, they are just pissed that their candidate didn't win the election.

joetentpeg said...

Seems a while back when Hitlery was a 'shoe-in', o'marxist and his FCC cronies were floatin' the idea of restricting internet patriot sites and talk radio once she was immaculated.

Guess 1st amendment should always veer Left?

Spud said...

I wonder if my brother was one of those who shut down your freeway in Portland.
Seeing how he lives there and is a certified fudgepacker of the flaming liberal persuasion....
Naw, probly not, seeing how he's a business man. Owns a couple of heh heh
" Massage parlours ". Though I'm certain he was crying bout Hillery

Anonymous said...

So if they protest that's OK as long as they do it in a way that does not inconvenience you. If they violate the law then they will be arrested, I believe there was 140 arrested in Portland last night. Quit being a winey little bitch and allow people to purge there anger and come to grips with, no food (no ebt), no medicare (privatized),no medicaid (gone) no social contract what so ever. You should count yourself lucky there not burning your house down.

Phil said...

There would be a trail of dead bodies if they showed up around here to try and burn my house down while I was home.
BTW, I'm not the one being the whiney little bitch here.

Ron Russell said...

They need to be dropped off in the wilderness with only a fish hook and gun. Oops forgot---afraid of guns and wouldn't kill a worm. Yea, let's drop the little cry-babies off!

tsquared said...

And the possibility of one of those things happening is why Mr. 45 is a constant companion. Their exercise of the first Amendment is why I exercise my 2nd Amendment right.

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