Saturday, November 19, 2016

The Key Words Here, "Heavily Modified".....

I still want to see the radar guns calibration paperwork because I find it hard to believe any Ford product can go over 200 miles an hour without a full crew of NASCAR engineers nearby.

Oklahoma speeder caught at 208 mph

An Oklahoma man was arrested on Saturday, Nov. 12, after leading police on a 208 mph chase.

Nineteen-year-old Hector Fraire first tripped a radar gun doing 84 mph on the Kilpatrick Turnpike in Oklahoma City, before speeding away as police tried to pull him over.
According to the Oklahoma Highway Patrol, Fraire’s heavily modified 2011 Ford Mustang was then clocked doing 176 mph and 208 mph, and he tried to elude the chase vehicle by turning off his headlights and brake lights.

An Oklahoma Highway Patrol spokesman tells that as the pursuing officer lost contact with the vehicle, he radioed ahead to any units in the area. A Canadian County Deputy sitting in a parking lot spotted the car and was able to intercept it. The driver then pulled over, dropped his keys out of the window, and was arrested and later charged with reckless driving and felony eluding.

With a helpful picture of what a 19 year old Hector with WAY too much money looks like.

It makes me wonder just what it cost the young man to get his car back out of impound and just how many miles had been added to the odometer.


  1. that is one weird story

    a perfect American myth


  2. I'm sure Mr.Shelby would disagree with you on that one...Just sayin.

  3. It's still true. You can't outrun radio.

  4. 200+ in a street legal car is pretty amazing. I would like to know what mods were done to the car.

  5. No shit! I hope this guy starts a youtube channel asap. Some kinda hot-rodding savant....

  6. My brother is an IHRA and NHRA systems builder and I know he has built at least a dozen power plants that can do that. Just in the last ten years. It cost BIG bucks to get him to do it, and I know of no one crazy enough to run them off track---Ray

  7. I'm not saying it can't be done, just that it is extremely rare and extremely expensive.
    I was a Ford factory certified technician for ten years working at a Lincoln/Mercury dealership.
    I know a little bit about their Modular engines.
    Back in the late 90's I had the opportunity to chat with a long time Ford test engineer who took the police cruisers to their respective departments and certified the cops for high speed driving.
    He told me that Ford randomly took a Lincoln MK8 off the assembly line at the end, took the outside mirrors off of it and it ran 180 MPH.
    That did not surprise me, I had run one over 135 myself and had to back out of it because it was raining.
    He also told me that they could adjust the valve timing on the 4.6 engine and make 800 horsepower.

    I just find it a bit out there to see a 19 year old kid with a Mustang that can do 210.
    Know what I'm saying?

  8. 208? Kilometers per hour, maybe.


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