Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Muslim Loving Race Baiter "Barack Obama warns of rise of 'crude nationalism'"

This from the clown who has been deliberately doing his level best for the past eight years to "fundamentally" destroy this country from within.
Fuck off Barry. There is a tidal wave of resentment washing up on your front doorstep and the writing is on the wall at the high water mark.

This is just one more reason Donald Trump blew the SS Clinton out of the water.
The same thing is going to happen in France and Germany, you watch.

Barack Obama has warned of a "rise in a crude sort of nationalism" following the Brexit and US presidential votes.
Speaking in Greece on his final foreign trip, he said: "We have to guard against... tribalism built around an 'us' or a 'them'."
He said the US was painfully aware of the danger of divisions "along lines of race or religion or ethnicity".

I'll just let his past actions speak for themselves.


Gary in Bama said...

Did he just say tribalism ????? This from our commanding monkey that in his first year took a trip at OUR expense to his fathers TRIBAL VILLAGE!!!!! If the MOFO is so proud of his heritage it is Tribal. A tribe of half naked spear thumpers is ok but millions of conservatives shouting MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN scares him ????? 66 more days till he has to F.O.

idahobob said...

Fuck the Obamarhoid!

Wait, on second thought, forget that, he would probably enjoy it!


Mark/GreyLocke said...

Crude sort of "Nationalism"? I think he means "I couldn't get these uneducated inbred idiots to stop being patriotic no matter what I did."

That's just my opinion on what he means.

And if he doesn't understand what Patriotism actually IS, then he is an idiot beyond all idiots.

I'm sorry, I'm being too hard on idiots comparing them to Obama.

My apologies to any idiots who I may have offended.

I"m still trying to find the proper description of Obama.

Anonymous said...

Funny how the kenyan bath house boy is perfectly ok with African Nationalism, and Muslim Nationalism though.

Actually, not.

Anonymous said...

even lone wolves need a tribe


Anonymous said...

Barack Hussein has never, for one second, given a good godd*mn about old fashioned patriotism. Good riddance to him.

Anonymous said...

I'll support this so called tribalism over the cult of piece every day.

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