Friday, October 14, 2016

They Call The Wind Mariah

Mariah is a bitch.

We are forecast to have Hurricane force winds blow in off the Pacific tomorrow.
There was already a waterspout that came in off the ocean and turned into a tornado and tore up a cute little town on the Oregon coast called Manzanita.

Of course any Fall/Winter storm that comes in off the ocean around here is automatically installed with buckets of rain so we are going to get douched real good too.
It's already windy and rainy here and we are a hundred miles inland. The area we moved to earlier this year is no stranger to tornados either, always something to look forward to.
It's kind of hard to believe Vancouver/ Portland being a little Tornado alley but they hit around here every few years, we just don't get the monster sized ones like they do in the MidWest.

I moseyed over to the local Wally World yesterday and got a couple of those LED lanterns and batteries because the cheapy ones I had got shitcanned when we moved. .
One will even charge up a cell phone.The other one claims to throw light for 180 hrs on the lowest setting.
Grabbed a new tarp, a pack of ratchet straps and picked up a few candles while I was there too. Then I stopped and topped off a Jerry can with fresh gas.
It will be what it will be, I have to go to work here in a little bit but I wanted to at least make sure my family won't be sitting here in the dark if the lights go out while I am gone until I can get home.


  1. I thought the wind cried Mary or was called Mary.

  2. Been reading your blog for a while. I'm also Phil and I'm watching this storm develop. I'm near Everett. Got candles, water, generator, wood, and lots of beer for the show. Trees are bending pretty good around here.

  3. be prepared, stay saner!

    hope for the best


  4. Good preps. Beats sitting in the dark.


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