Friday, October 21, 2016

Massive DDOS Attack Takes Down Large Part Of Internet, Many Popular Sites.

Hmm, it seems whomever was behind all those probing actions recently finally figured out a way to hack the living shit out of some big name websites.

Internet outage takes down Twitter, Netflix, PayPal and many of the web's most visited websites

An ongoing internet outage appears to be spreading and taking down many of the world's biggest websites.

Companies including Twitter, Netflix, PayPal and eBay appeared to have their websites broken. And other services like PlayStation Network appeared to be hit by the outage.

Almost every major service that isn't part of a major internet provider seemed to be having issues. As such, Google and Facebook appeared to stay up – but almost everything else was down, according to Down Detector's dashboard.

The issue is thought to stem from widespread internet disruption that is the result of attacks on some of the infrastructure that powers the internet. For much of the day a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack has been launched on one of the world's biggest internet companies, leading many people to lose access to specific sites or to the internet entirely.

Those outages began earlier on in the day. But they seemed to spread and become more widespread later on.

Dyn, the affected company, indicated earlier that the issue had been fixed. But then it reported again that it had "begun monitoring and mitigating a DDoS attack against our Dyn Managed DNS infrastructure. Our Engineers are continuing to work on mitigating this issue".

It still isn't clear where that cyber attack originated or when or how it was likely to stop.

Assholes are fucking with my free time gaming activities before I have to go to work.
Someone needs a good beating.


  1. "ah another fine mess occurring every day"


  2. My lovely wife and I were out sailing and missed all the Internet drama. Lucked out.

  3. And who just gave away control of the internet?

  4. From Proof Positive via Political Clown Parade

    DDoS is Screwing With de Internet
    In case you haven't noticed, there have been some major disturbances in the Force, er, interruptions in the Internet today. Several of you may have commented here, and we have not replied because Disqus is down. Not just here, but most everywhere I've visited. The Disqus site itself is accessible, but comments are down.

    Twitter is down, along with other random sites. It has been called a Distributed Denial of Service attack. The Feds are aware of it and are trying to track down those responsible for it.

    There's is nothing wrong with your set. We control the vertical. We control the horizontal.

    If you are suffering from Extreme Twitter Withdrawal, please call 1-800-Get-a-Life. Operators are standing by...

    source -

  5. Bunch of wanna be hackers playing with someone elses toys , heheheh


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