Wednesday, October 5, 2016

It Appears The III% Movement Is Imploding Finally

I have seen a few people lately declare that they are done with the III% , Kenny being the latest.

His reasoning and the reasons given by other folks make sense and are very personal decisions made after much thought and weighing of personal morals.

I can see their points, the III% has turned into a circus this last year or so and has been corrupted from a few different angles so seeing people distance themselves from the greed, corruption and twisting of the original intent is a logical choice.
Everyone must make their own choices in life and they have made theirs.

I have the Threeper flag up over in the corner there with a black band on it still out of respect for the passing of it's founder, Mike Vanderbough last month.

In case you never noticed, his Blog has never appeared on my Blogroll and would be a moot point at this time as Mikes son shut it down abruptly recently. I have my reasons for that and I am going to keep them to myself.

The original intent is still valid the way I see it, it is more of a state of mind to me than a movement or particular group of individuals.
Like anything that people in general get involved with, the more people who collectively identify with something and get personally involved in, the better the odds get that there will be certain individuals with their own agenda who fuck up the whole show for everyone.
It never fails, ever.

Personal power and money are most often the two things that prove to be the undoing of what starts as something with nothing but good intentions.

I could easily point out an example or two here but that is pointless as there is always someone right behind them who will do the same thing if given the chance.
The names and the faces change but the tactics and the corruption are a constant.

So it seems the thing to do is to distance ones self from what started out as a good thing because some assholes ruined it for everyone.

Since I have been a contrary little fucker my entire life, I have always marched to my own beat.
I don't need someone to tell me what to do, I sure as shit don't need anyone thinking they can tell me what I should do on my own time especially.
Being contrary, stubborn and independent are in my DNA. Sure, it's nice to be a part of something but when it comes down to needing a leader because I can't think for myself, I'm not that guy. I am very much anti-authoritarian and always have been. That could be what attracted me to it in the first place, the inherent lack of organization and leaders.

People who share the same set of morals I have are always welcome and believe it or not, I do have a set of morals.
III% or .0001%, it matters not. If you are a stand up person then we should get along just fine.

The one thing everyone should take away from the whole experience is that you learned something. Be it good or bad, you still learned something.

The III% movement was a learning experience, just as most anything one puts time and effort into is.
Take what good you can and run with it. Take the bad and file it away so that you will recognize it if it starts coming around again.

Like I said, the III% is just a name for an ideal, not what some 300 pound jackwad calling himself colonel says it is.
Fuck that guy.

You can call it whatever you want.

In short, this whole melt down is neither surprising nor unwelcome to me. I think it is the natural progression of the movement considering what has transpired.

There is one thing that you can't deny though, it brought a lot of good people together across this country.
Lament the fact that it will die an ignoble death eventually because of the actions of a few people but celebrate the fact that it brought the awareness that you are not alone anymore to a whole lot of people.
Hundreds of thousands, if not millions of ordinary Americans found kindred souls who share the same belief system and for that, whatever happens, it was worth it.

The sentiment isn't dead, just the name.

I am going to leave that flag up in the corner and I don't care who doesn't like it.
It is a reminder of what good people are capable of to me.

Those who are trashing the concept by their actions do not represent me nor I them.

They will find something else to feed their ego soon enough.

In the mean time current events are what one should be concerned with anyway, things are about to get real interesting here shortly and nobody is going to have time to be worrying about what colonel jackwad and his bunch of misfits are doing half way across the country. Those fools are on their own.


  1. Movements, names, organizations -they all change. If something is a good idea, however, that idea sticks around and reappears in other forms.

  2. III% is an idea not an organization. If you plan to stand (As most contrary fuckers are, myself included)then we are III. It is not following, joining or anything else but simply a commitment

    1. Exactly, I swore the oath over forty five years ago. It still stands, to those which a actually believe in it.
      The so called III , Was doomed from the start from those that want the Constitution to stand for their own ideals and not for all.
      Never joined their cause, cuz I saw it for the blowhard farce it was ,from the beginning.

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    3. I deleted your duplicate comment.
      I am wondering if you are on your smart phone because mine does the same damn thing for some reason.

    4. Naw a tablet, and for whatever reason it seems to do it every time I post on your blog....go figure
      We'll test that theory right now heh

    5. Hmmm didn't do it, maybe I have stutter finger lol

    6. Hmmm didn't do it, maybe I have stutter finger lol

    7. Naw a tablet, and for whatever reason it seems to do it every time I post on your blog....go figure
      We'll test that theory right now heh


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