Saturday, October 22, 2016

I Can See Clearly Now!

Well, kind of.

Damn I'm hard on things.

It's pretty much like if I took a mind to it, I could tear up a brass ball with a rubber mallet but just day to day things don't seem to take that much effort.

I'm hard on clothes, tools, cars and just about everything, including myself.

The screen cover on my poor phone got busted up so bad it was getting to be dangerous to swipe my finger across it and damn hard to see what was on the screen.
Of all things, I originally broke it when it fell out of my shirt pocket when I bent over and it hit edge to edge on the rim of a plastic fucking bucket!
As time progressed it just kept getting more and more hammered until it basically looked like this,

The wifely unit being the awesome woman that she is, had taken the damn thing to some outfit in the mall and paid way too much money for a cover for the thing but it came with a lifetime warranty. She knows me well.
So today I got off my dead ass and took it to the mall and got a new piece of safety glass put on it for no charge.

I can actually see what the hell I am doing again.

Now to see about getting the windshield replaced in the El Camino. It's been busted since I got it but they want some serious money to replace it.

Wait a minute, who am I trying to kid?
Fuck that, ain't happening. I'm a cheap bastard when it comes to shit like that.
I can still see out of it, there is a crack down the left side but I can still see out of it.
No need to get all serious about this shit.
That reminds me, I'm about due to hit the Dollar Store again and get another pair of glasses.......


Gary in Bama said...

As a cheapskate I only get the wire frame dollar store glasses they last a lot longer.

Phil said...

A man after my own heart, me too. Since they are sometimes hard to come by, I try to get several at a time.

Brass said...

Not sure who your insurance is through, but even with minimum coverage some states require that they offer windshield repair/replacement with a $50 co-pay. They just don't advertise it.

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