Thursday, October 13, 2016

Fucked Around And Found Out

Since Obama isn't going to rain Tomahawk missiles down on those goat fuckers in ISIS like he should, we had a few laying around and pounded some radar installations back to dust that were being used to target missiles against our Navy over in the Middle East.
I think a good shelling every other day is warranted too, just to remind these sonsabitches of who they are fucking with.

Officials say US missiles destroy radar sites on Yemen coast

WASHINGTON (AP) — U.S.-launched Tomahawk cruise missiles destroyed three coastal radar sites in Houthi-controlled territory on Yemen's Red Sea Coast early Thursday, officials said, a retaliatory action that followed two incidents this week in which missiles were fired at U.S. Navy ships.

The strikes marked the first shots fired by the U.S. in anger against the Houthis in Yemen's long-running civil war. The U.S. previously only provided logistical support and refueling to the Saudi-led coalition battling Yemen's Shiite rebels known as Houthis and their allies, including supporters of Yemen's former president, Ali Abdullah Saleh.

While the U.S. military has been focused on al-Qaida in Yemen, the Houthis had not been a primary target of American forces until the missile launches from Houthi-controlled territory this week.

No information on casualties from the U.S. missiles was provided by American officials. The three radar sites were in remote areas, where there was little risk of civilian casualties or collateral damage, said a military official who was not authorized to be named and spoke on condition of anonymity.

The destroyer USS Nitze launched the cruise missiles, the official said.

President Barack Obama authorized the strikes at the recommendation of Defense Secretary Ash Carter and the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Joseph Dunford, Pentagon press secretary Peter Cook said in a statement. U.S. officials had said earlier that the U.S. was weighing what military response to take.

"These limited self-defense strikes were conducted to protect our personnel, our ships and our freedom of navigation in this important maritime passageway," Cook said following the U.S. action. "The United States will respond to any further threat to our ships and commercial traffic, as appropriate, and will continue to maintain our freedom of navigation in the Red Sea, the Bab al-Mandeb and elsewhere around the world."

Loai al-Shami, a Houthi spokesman, declined to comment immediately on the U.S. strike.

He was busy changing his shorts.

Have summa dat Shami, please feel free to try and pull that shit again so we can create a new section of coastline where your little friends have their missile bases.


  1. Thousands upon thousands of airstrikes on ISIS ( and you say Obama isn't doing enough, yet one cruise missile strike, under Obama, and you somehow don't attribute that to Obama?

    1. Nanny,

      If you bother to read the article above it plainly states that President Barack Obama authorized the strike.

      Am I supposed to highlight that for you?

  2. Meh, Yemen is the Saudi, Iran Proxy war. Yemen has nothing of real interest to the world. It is dirty, full of illiterate backwards barbarians. They export nothing of value except incense.

    The US has zero business there except maybe selling guns to both sides so they can kill each other off and let a smarter bunch of people move in and make the place productive.

    Cone And Make It

    1. Yeah, but Navy didn't really have a choice but to respond, after being shot at. Just wish they hadn't had to use such expensive missiles to destroy a grubby shack or two.

    2. That's what we used to have battleships for - 16-inch shells are a bit spendy compared to that .30-06 that we buy down at Joe's Booze, Tobacci and Gunz Emporium, but compared to cruise missiles they are positively cheap. Also, you can use many more of them, and we usually did just that - it sends a message that is much harder to ignore.

  3. Why did they wait for two attacks. I would wipe them out after the first.

  4. Question is did Obama even know this was going to happen or is someone in the DoD going to be crucified for allowing the Navy to take out these targeting radars without White House permission....or denial. This may be one of those
    'it's easier to ask forgiveness than get permission' events.


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