Wednesday, August 10, 2016

The Maritime Museum In Astoria Oregon

Pretty cool place with lots of displays.

You can spend hours in this place and when you get done in there, they have an old Lighthouse ship docked right outside that you can go in and take a look around at.
We have been here before but the last time we got there pretty late and had to rush through it.
This year we got there plenty early so we had all the time we needed to do the touristy stuff.
It costs $14 for adults and the money goes for upkeep.

This is just a sample of what all is inside, like I said, you can spend hours in there.


  1. Very cool, thank you for the pictures. Hope your vacation from everyday stuff is going well.

  2. Very cool. I'd love to see it. I was only out there once - opposite side of the country for me, so a long trip.

    FYI, those small engines at the top, labeled "Auxiliary Steam Engines" are a popular design for home shop guys to make. I've seen several at the national shows.

    1. Those really piqued my interest. I wouldn't mind having one to play around with just to see what it is capable of running.
      I could see something like that being very handy for running something when the power went out.


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