Saturday, August 20, 2016

It's Pretty Much Like This Lately

It was pretty miserable at work Friday, Saturday was hot as fuck too. I guess it was hotter than I realized around here.

Tomorrow is our fifth wedding anniversary so we are staying at our favorite getaway, the Edgfield Manor over in Troutdale Oregon.
The trouble is that they don't have air conditioning in the majority of their rooms. No televisions, no phones either. Part of the charm right?

I am laying here bathed in sweat at 10:30 at night.
There is a fan going but the window is shut. I went to get the window screens out of the armoire but they were fucked up so at the moment I am waiting on some poor bastard to round me some up.

About a half hour ago I stripped down to my skivvies and was laying here on the bed with my right hand running the mouse, right at the edge of the bed next to the nightstand.

All at once I got the feeling something was crawling on my hand.

I glanced over and saw something large and green with really long legs.
Freaked me the fuck out, I come clear off the fucking bed shaking my hand so fast it was a blur!

Come to find out it was a big assed grasshopper, the kind that fly.
Little bastard about caused me to piss myself.

I dunno how the motherfucker got in here with the window closed but I can tell you the sonofabitch got an assist at take off when I finally caught him and opened the fucking window!

So anyways, it's been hotter than a firecracker around here the past few days,muggy as fuck too. I'm hoping that shit tapers off pretty quick.
It's been a funky Summer around here weather wise.
I just don't want it to cram all the heat in at once.

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Unknown said...

Hello, just had to say that is funny about the hopper. I live in MN and have had them jump on my arm going down a gravel road. WTF was that ...... shake if off and another clings on.

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