Wednesday, July 27, 2016

They Are Letting John Hinckley Out , The Guy Who Tried To Kill A President.

You gotta be shitting me.

Judge grants John Hinckley Jr. his freedom decades after Reagan assassination attempt

The man who tried to kill President Ronald Reagan is set to go free, after a judge decided Wednesday to allow would-be assassin John Hinckley Jr. to live with his mother in Virginia full-time.

Hinckley is set to begin his "convalescent leave" on Aug. 5, according to U.S. District Judge Paul Friedman's order.

“I’m very glad this happened after Mrs. Reagan passed on,” said Reagan’s 1984 campaign manager Ed Rollins, referencing the death of Nancy Reagan in March. “It would have been a very disturbing thing for her.”

Friedman wrote that "all of the experts and treatment providers" who testified during the hearing agreed that Hinckley's issues -- major depression and psychotic disorder -- were "in full and sustained remission and have been for more than twenty years."

"Mr. Hinckley is clinically ready for full-time convalescent leave," Friedman wrote.

The Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Institute issued a statement disapproving of the judge's decision.
"Contrary to the judge's decision, we believe John Hinckley is still a threat to others and we strongly oppose his release," the statement said.
Hinckley, 61, attempted to kill Reagan outside of the Washington Hilton Hotel on March 30, 1981. He fired six shots, hitting four people, including Reagan, who was wounded when a bullet bounced off his presidential limo. Press Secretary James Brady was shot in the right side of his head, sustaining serious injuries. When he died in August 2014, Brady's death was ruled a homicide.

The same Brady shooting that all the gun control efforts were spawned by.

Stick this fucking guy back in prison and break the key off in the lock.


Moe said...

His parents are "connected."

The Criminal Justice System, now that is a very large crock of shit.


Chris Mallory said...

He has been locked up longer than men who killed citizens. The life of a citizen is worth more than that of a president or any other government employee.

Anonymous said...

wait till Charlie Manson is released


JNorth said...

Just because they let one scum bag out early doesn't mean they should let them all out.

Anonymous said...

You NEVER hear of Sirhan Sirhan (Robert Kennedy assassin) getting a parole hearing. I wonder why that is ? Way back in '68, I hear of many murderers getting far less time, or being paroled for whatever reason.

Comrade Misfit said...

What part of "not guilty by reason of insanity" eludes everyone?

FYI, Sirhan Sirhan does get parole hearings. He's had fifteen of them. He claims he doesn't remember shooting anyone. And so he stays where he is.

Anonymous said...

They told him that Trump was Stuppin' Jody Foster. Then let him go.

BadTux said...

Charlie Manson is never going to be released. He doesn't even bother going to his parole hearings anymore, because he knows they'll never let him go. That's always been an odd case to me because Manson himself never killed anybody. He encouraged his followers to kill, but he never himself killed anybody. Apparently the argument the state made to the jury was that Manson's involvement was similar to a Mafia boss ordering a mob hit. Which was an interesting argument, given that Manson's "family" was nothing like a Mafia crime gang, but the jury bought it, and sent Manson to the death chamber. In the end, Manson's people attacked Hollywood, and that meant they attacked California, and someone had to pay, and that person is Charles Manson, regardless of what novel legal theories had to be invented to make it happen. And nothing has changed in the decades since.

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