Wednesday, July 13, 2016

I Love My Wife

She is a good woman, puts up with my ornery ass and makes me lunch every day too.

Sometimes I ask her to put something different in my lunch bag just to break up the monotony.
She usually makes me a couple of sandwiches, throws in a couple little bags of chips, some cookies and some of those little candy bars you get in a bag.
I also have here throw in one of those Cup'O'Soup things because every once in a while I like to have that with the sandwiches.
For that I have her throw in a plastic fork because of the noodles.
This is pretty much an every day thing and I don't eat it all usually because I am so busy. Stuff gets down in the bottom and stays there after a while like the candy bars and the plastic forks.

I have a buddy at work who also brings a lunch and I saw him bringing some pudding cups and decided that sounded pretty good so I had the wife get some of those to throw in.

She must have been in a hurry or something yesterday because when I got to work and started to get stuff out of lunchbox to eat, this is what I found.

Have I mentioned she is a blonde?


  1. And that is why I do not let my blond wife fix my lunch. It goes a little deeper with my wife, after 35 years I am still teaching her how to cook. She still can't boil an egg without burning up a pot every once in a while.

    1. Cooking skills are nice but it isn't why we marry them is it? :)

  2. Phil if you want Noodles and Pudding Buy some Sporks. I hate those things


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