Tuesday, July 5, 2016

FBI Recommends No Charges For Obvious Felony Criminal Clinton Email Scandal

The Rule of Law is OFFICIALLY dead.

If you had any last doubts about that you can lay them to rest.

It's time to get serious if you are a gun owner, time to get whatever it is you have been wanting all these years, before that woman gets handed the presidency.
 Because make no mistake, that's what this signals.

FBI recommends no prosecution in Hillary Clinton email case

The FBI is recommending that no charges be brought against Hillary Clinton in connection with her email use while secretary of State, FBI Director James Comey said Tuesday.

“No reasonable prosecutor” would bring such a case, Comey said.

Although the FBI is not recommending charges, the FBI director did strongly criticize Clinton’s handling of classified information in her email, calling it “extremely careless.”

Comey’s statement removes the most serious threat that had hung over Clinton’s presidential campaign – the possibility of a criminal indictment – although his judgment of carelessness will surely resound from now until November.


joetentpeg said...

Gotta keep a cool head with some humor:


Anonymous said...

Gross negligence is okay as long as Hillary didn't mean to deceive?

idahobob said...

With this, there being no recommendation for prosecution, the hildebeast will become the next president.

Time to tighten down the hatches, there is a very large shit storm about to land upon us.


Grog said...

Agreed, Bob, there will be nothing pleasant about the rest of the year, as Phil has said, buy more of everything. Ok, that's not his exact words, but close enough.

Anonymous said...

meh, nobody here gave a rat's pootie about W's server, or that Powell's didn't keep a copy of any email he sent off his server, or that Condi's 10 closest aids used her server. The rule of law has been dead since at least the 2000 supreme court appointment of W, but just keep working that chicken.

Phil said...

I forgot to add the link.

Let me clue you in here.
It was because of G.W, Cheney and the rest of that entire criminal cabal that I started blogging in the first place way the fuck back in 2006.
I started this blog after they were already out of office.

If you care to take the time, go to my original blog and go spend a few hours going through the archives.


Let me warn anyone who follows that link, I was a drunk assed registered Democrat for most of my life up until about seven years ago.
I have been sober four years now. I quit the Democrats before I even sobered up, they got so bad.
As far as I'm concerned, there is absolutely no difference in the criminality between the two major parties.
Also for your information, buried somewhere in those archives is a link to another blog and that guy had a documented list of over 400 scandals directly linked to the Bush administration.

Hillary is a special case though, that bitch has been a criminal of one kind or another her entire adult life.

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