Saturday, July 23, 2016

And STAY Gone!

Little Billy Bad Ass squirrel don't want you here.

Gotta love whoever is running the camera, "let's turn back Poppa". Pussy.

Fuck that noise, I'da punted that little fucker into the next county.


Glenn B said...

Fucking critter was probably rabid.

SusanG. said...

Squirrels very rarely get rabies and have never been known to transmit it to humans. This is a young squirrel and looks like it is playing or begging for food. I imagine people have been feeding it.

Irish said...

If you read the "about" on the video over at YouTube you will see that after he stopped filming the guy "punted" it like you would have Phil. You old curmudgeon. ;-)

Peter said...

Too bad he's so small. Be a shame to eat something that cute all at once.

Anonymous said...

squirrel luvs nuts

men have two


Anonymous said...

He would have been going home with me

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