Saturday, May 14, 2016

The Pussification Of America Through Language Has Been Going On For Years.

How long has my hero been gone now, 8 years?

George Carlin was warning us about the pussification of this country over a decade ago at least.
It started with language.
Words you couldn't say anymore in "polite society".

Look at how far down the drain we have gone since then.
"Trigger Warnings", "Safe Spaces", "Micro Aggression". The Feminization of our young men.
This country is full of full on fucking pussies now.

We were warned, God I miss this guy.


Flaxen Saxon said...

Funny man and what he says about society rings true. Thinking of putting this clip at my place

Grog said...

Yeah, it's been 8 years.

I still have this one on vinyl.

drjim said...

He got a bit bitter towards the end, but when he was always memorable!

Anonymous said...

language reflects culture

you face a doomed future


Phil said...

Au contraire mon ami, it's the pussy motherfuckers behind me who are doomed.

Phil said...

I'm going to listen to that whole thing again tomorrow.

Chris Mallory said...

I never heard either of my grandfathers use any of Carlin's "7 Dirty words". They were not pussies or feminine. Cursing does not make a man.

Phil said...

You are correct sir.
Things like keeping your word, doing the right thing even when it takes a great personal toll and working hard even at a job you hate to make sure your family is taken care of are traits that make a man.
Language is a tool used to communicate with. Even though I use what you would consider indelicate language more fitting a Teamster of old as it were, it is not from a lack of vocabulary or education.
I can be quite articulate when I want to be.
The language I am referring to above is the language of learned weakness and subjugation, something I find far more intolerable than the coarseness of the gutter language I most commonly use.

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