Thursday, May 12, 2016

That's Pretty Cheap But I Think I'll Pass

My shots aren't up to date.

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stevierayv said...

I'd hit it long time

Gary in Bama said...

She needs cab money Bill tossed her out before Hillary got home.

Sixbears said...

Universal language?

. . . but no thank you bery munch.

Seneca III said...


skybill said...

"You see GI, 3 dollah' blojob, buttfuckie too!! You see, You Likie' you betchie' numba' 'hucking wan!!
Just in case any newbies don't understand the sign lingo!! 'Ya had ta' have been there back when!!
If ya' can remember "Before" the penacillin resistant strain of "Gon-a-riah" became "NSU" "You Know!!!"

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