Tuesday, May 24, 2016

I've Seen One Even Better

Yep, I saw one that beat that once.
Driving down a 4 lane highway with those concrete barriers down the middle, at the end of a straightaway over half a mile long just outside of Camas Washington, there sat a 1972 Chevy Monte Carlo with all 4 wheels off the ground, straddling one of those barriers, lengthwise!!
It was perfectly centered and balanced like someone had picked it up and set it there.

I have absolutely no idea how the idiot managed to do it but there it was. There were two cop cars and a wrecker sitting there too with everybody standing around looking at the damn thing.

I often wonder how in the hell they ever got that thing down without tearing the shit out of it.


Anonymous said...

answer is a mobile crane


Anonymous said...

Forklift w/ someone who knows how to drive it, ideally w/ some towels wrapped around the forks...

scamorama said...

One night several years ago, I left the Mill after Swing, heading west on 14, and just west of the rock with "Camas" plaque,, sat an F150 on top of the guardrail.

scamorama said...

And it was lengthwise, too.
Perfectly balanced.

Phil said...

Same place this guy was!
I've seen some crazy shit right there at that corner between those two straightaways.
One was a woman's body laying half in the road after she had been hit from behind while walking on the side of the road at night.
The Camas cops had just gotten there before me.
I've seen cars up on that bank just as you get on the freeway after losing it in the ice several times.
I hit a fucking recliner in the pouring rain at night right in the middle of that corner that I couldn't see until the last second that blew a tire out on my truck. That stretch of road between there and Lady Island has seen a lot of fatalities which is really weird as it is pretty straight except for a couple of long fast corners and that narrow fucking Slough Bridge.
People haul ass on that road.

Phil said...

More than likely.
I hope the guy had good insurance because those things don't even pull out of the yard for less that five hundred bucks.

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