Wednesday, April 13, 2016

I Wouldn't Think Guided Missile Containers Would Be Something One Just Dumps In the Ocean

But two of them were found floating in the drink off the coast of Alaska.

Pair of guided missile containers found in Pacific Ocean near Alaska


Two large shipping containers, stamped with the words “Contains: Guided Missile,” were discovered in the Pacific Ocean near Alaska Sunday.
Alaska State Troopers said the containers were empty, and information from tags attached to the boxes was sent to the U.S. military. There was no immediate public comment from military officials.
Troopers were investigating the discovery of one suspicious box when they got a radio message from another mariner that a second container had been found. Both were found near the southeast island community of Craig.
Clinton Cook Sr. told KTUU-TV he was on a charter boat that found one of the heavy, hard plastic containers. They were going to pass it, but noticed the unusual shape.
"I seen the data plate," Cook said of the plastic box. "It said, 'Contains: Guided missile.' And I was like, 'Holy crap.'"
Cook told the station he was traveling to a job site to lay propane pipes in the Steamboat Bay area when someone saw the object. The crew initially thought it was a float.
Troopers say an explosives ordinance team helped determine the boxes were "void of their original contents." Troopers didn't know any history of the containers.

It would be interesting to see if anyone follows up on this.



  1. maybe they would have not been dumped if they had a sizable return deposit award

    wonder whom the slobs were


  2. I think you would have to take them to either Iowa or Maine to get the 15 cent deposit back.

  3. Sure. Lots of stuff gets dumped into the ocean. The US govt likely paid some foreign country contractor to properly dispose of them along with all the other base trash in some place like the Philippines or Qatar and those contractors dumped them in the ocean. And those containers, being over-engineered and intended to last for the 20 year shelf life of most missiles, floated away. I don't see why this is even a story.

  4. Or they were tossed overboard at sea cause they were to be used as target practoce, or even washed aboard in a storm.


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