Thursday, March 24, 2016

Serial Assholery

This guy has some fucking issues.
He also has big balls, egging a cop while he was investigating who was throwing the eggs.
Now that they caught his ass I hope the older gentleman gets some justice.

Man arrested for egging 85-year-old neighbor's house over 100 times

This is what a douchebag alleged egg throwing butt muncher looks like.

Jason E. Kozan, 30, was charged by police in Euclid, Ohio with vandalizing his 85-year-old neighbor's house more than 100 times by pelting it with eggs.

From an earlier article before Kozan was arrested:

Investigators have taken several different approaches to nabbing the eggers, including installing a surveillance camera on the house.

Detectives even collected some eggshell samples and tested them in a crime lab. The eggs were traced back to a local Amish farm, but the trail ended there.

Clemens says the culprits either have access to a large supply of eggs or are stealing them from businesses that throw them out when they go bad. Detectives have followed this thread, visiting local restaurants and businesses asking about missing eggs.

They've also tried collecting fingerprints from eggshells, but Houser said that's an impossible task. When an egg breaks, it releases proteins that destroy DNA.

Officers have gone door to door questioning neighbors and handing out fliers. Nobody has come forward with any tips.

"The person or people who are doing it have remained very tight-lipped apparently," Houser said. "I would imagine it would be hard to keep a secret of something that had been done hundreds of times and for nobody to step forward to talk about it."

The guilty parties don't appear to be intimidated by police interest in the case. An officer last year was taking a report when a barrage of eggs was launched at the house. One hit him in the foot.

Houser said he's never seen this level of vandalism in his 20 years of police work. It's frustrated the whole department, which has dedicated hundreds of hours toward solving the egging mystery.

The judge set Kozan's bond at $2,000

I'm thinking that being such a serial dickhead that has cost the cops hundreds of hours worth of PITA legwork is going to figure in on his sentencing maybe.


Glenn B said...

I agree that the guy probably has issues, especially considering his age and the teen type pranks he pulled ever so many times. Then again, what the fuck were the police thinking to have spent hundreds of hours on an egging vandal. No matter what the home owner says, the damages probably never amounted to much that a hose squirting water and some scrubbing would not have taken care of promptly. Yeah, the guy is seemingly a nut, his antics certainly harassment of the homeowners, but for the police to have sent eggshells to a crime lab to try to crack (no pun intended but there it is unintentionally) the case and then spent hundreds of hours on the case that could have been dedicated to solving more serious crimes - heaven help us because the bureaucracies are only wasting their time and helping to waste tax payer dollars.

Glenn B said...

In other words, had this been thirty or forty years ago, a homeowner would have staked it out himself and then beat the ever loving shit out of the arsehat and thus the problem would have been solved and the police would never have gotten involved.

Phil said...

I was think 12 gauge and Rock Salt.

Anonymous said...

as annoying as this poor excuse of a human is,at least he didn't open fire on the neighborhood.He'll probably get probation and a day or 2 of community service.I know in some cases,the police can ask for payment of the investigation...better than a red light ticket for funding!

idahobob said...

This is one of those times that the punishment should be public stocks in the town square!


angrymike said...

Fuck, that's 10 miles away from me, if I ever see the bastard, and no one is there to witness anything, I'd stick my 9 in his mouth and then smack him in the head !
I probably wouldn't stick the Glock in his mouth, a bit of hyperbole, but he know I had it !
Fucking scumbucket !
Ppl like this really disturb me, they are the kind of ppl that would poison the man's animals, if that happened he'd eat the 9's barrel, just for effect !

angrymike said...

Yup, an even better idea than mine, but Euclid has strict laws against firing weapons in the city. The houses are almost spitting distance apart, and full of thugs !

angrymike said...

I posted this, thanks......

Sven said...

Not to stick up for the guy, but how big an ass hat is the neighbor that you'd be pissed enough to spend the time and effort to egg the house? I've had some neighbors that if they were on fire I wouldn't piss on them to put it out. If he's doing it because he can then I agree he needs to be caned in the town square.

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