Thursday, March 17, 2016

Irritating Assholes, Part Two Hundred Twenty Six Million

I can tell you right now that if I worked around such an annoying twit as this that I would be walking around all damn day eating large chunks of Bar B Que'd Beef with my fingers and wiping the sauce off on my shirt. Better yet, now that I think about it, Pork Chops would be even better. Then she could watch me gnaw the meat right off the bone and I could leave little piles of bones laying around.

I love cold Pork Chops.


Anonymous said...

My coworkers freak out when I eat cold dishes (straight from the fridge to the table). "Aren't you going to heat that up ?" Nope. Fried / roaster chicken, even hamburgers straight from restaurant are common eats in the lunch room. Tastes better, less greasy too.

Brad_in_IL said...

I bet the twit wears leather and uses animal tested personal care products.

Robert said...

Mmm pork chops

drjim said...

Ask her if she'll make you a bacon sammich!

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