Saturday, March 26, 2016

Believe It Or Not, I Was Called A Gentleman Twice Today

It must be getting pretty rare these days to have manners and to be helping ladies with car trouble.

I was at Harbor Freight today, picking up a new drill press and on my way in I noticed a young lady hauling a baby in a portable car carrier headed towards the front door and it looked like it was rather heavy the way she was carrying it so I yanked a cart out of the chute and aimed it towards her before she quite got there.

I could see she was grateful for that but then I turned around and held the door open for her. She was mightily impressed then and told me thank you, that it was nice to see a gentleman for once.

Ok, no biggie, you may find it hard to believe but at one time I did have manners hammered into me by my Mother and Grandmother even if it was a long damn time ago.

I went on my merry way and picked out a decent 12 speed bench top drill press and a couple other items and off I went.

I took that stuff home and remembered that I had forgotten to pick up some light rope and headed right back out to the local Bi Mart a couple miles away.

I pulled into the parking lot right next to a mid 90's Ford 3/4 ton truck with the hood open that had seen better days but I didn't see anyone around and didn't think anymore of it.
After picking up the rope and a box of ammunition because, hey, they have it and I need it, I wandered back out towards my rig and now see some fortyish year old Blond lady fucking around with the battery cables on the Ford and she has some jumper cables dangling off the front end.

I walked up and asked her if she needed a jump.
You'd have thought I was offering her a million bucks.

She was actually cleaning the battery terminals when I walked up, surprised the hell out of me and when I glanced into the bed of the truck I see several bags of fertilizer, bark dust and assorted yard care goodies and a box with an electric chain saw.
Obviously a local gal, the new neighborhood we moved next to used to be it's own little community that was pretty much way out of town and rural until the city annexed it to get their dirty mitts on a new tax base to plunder. My kind of place.

I took over with the terminal cleaning and grabbed the Coke I was drinking to clean the moon rocks off the terminals before cinching the clamps down. She asked me what my name was and we made some chit chat about gardening and such while I hooked the cables up. While we were talking, she told me that she had asked five different guys before I got there to give her a jump start and every single one of them told her no.
That just dumbfounded me.

Low rent No class motherfuckers in my book.

I didn't say it but I was thinking it. Can you believe that? Five guys who were too busy, chickenshit or just plain self centered to help a stranded lady out with a jump start? She even had the damn cables!

That ain't the way I operate.

Anyway, this one too, told me it was refreshing to see a gentleman again like it's like seeing a unicorn or something.

If my kid told me that there was a lady in trouble and he didn't at least ask if he could be of some help I would kick him right in the ass.

It's not like I'm some shiny knight on a white horse or something, these kinds of things used to be every day courtesies.
I'll admit it did make me feel better about myself for doing them.
The thank you's were just a bonus.

On the flip side of this though, I have had several asshole women get all butthurt and mouthy when I have held doors open for them before.
That's that Women's Lib bullshit, those women can go fuck themselves with a rusty can opener.

It's a two way street, I have no problem using the manners I was taught, if you have a problem with me using those manners then it is, your problem, and I can and will withdraw those manners in the blink of an eye.


drjim said...

I've never had a woman get pissed at me for holding a door for them, but then maybe I only hold it for women that look and act like women!

Good job on helping the woman with the battery problem!

deb harvey said...

i always thank the gentleman who holds a door for me and i usually add,' chivalry is not dead.'.
i appreciate the kindness.

Sixbears said...

My oh my have standards fallen when the Vulgar Curmudgeon is the only guy with manners.

Irish said...

Sixbears lol.

Phil, I was brought up the same way. Nowadays though I do a quick situational awareness whether or not to be chivalrous. Don't need to be dealing with any feminist issues.

As far as the 5 guys she asked, how many were younger and don't even know how to open the hood on their car?

Happy Easter

Anonymous said...

My grandPappy taught me to open doors for ladies because "you can see 'em comin and a goin.

Anonymous said...

I always hold the door for a woman.....problem is,I slam it on the 3 kids following her..

carguy40 said...

good for you, there are a few of us left.

1911A1 said...

I get thanked frequently, but then this is the South.

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