Wednesday, February 17, 2016

We Are STILL Moving

And it sucks giant donkey balls. We are about through getting shit out of the old place so that means the cleaning and fixing of little shit begins. It's going to take me over a month to get the new garage unpacked and reorganized. The Wifely Unit has an even bigger chore with the household crap but that is off limits to me thank God.


Gary in Bama said...

To survive this remember the words "yes dear" "sounds good to me" "anything you need me to do" other wise stay out of her way. :) Women like feathering the nest but complain the whole time.

idahobob said...

I fucking HATE moving!


stevierayv said...

You poor bastard I hate it for you.

bj said...

You've better focus than I. When there're too many things happening at once I get like a biker in a chrome factory. Completely mistracted by all the shiny inconsequential shit! I'd need six months to prepare and another six to execute.
Kudos ... and consolations, old Chum.

drjim said...

I am NOT looking forward to packing everything up and moving in a year or so after my wife retires!

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