Sunday, February 21, 2016

There Is A Light At The End Of The Tunnel Now

Hopefully it isn't a fucking freight train this time.

I have been so incredibly busy that I am afraid to start listing all the shit I have gotten done in the last week.
I don't think even I would believe it but I know it was a metric assload of chores.
Just the running around back and forth between here, the old place and work, I put over 250 miles on my rig this last week, on top of all these chores and all 3 places are within 15 minutes of each other.

Just for fun I had to put in overtime at work a couple of nights, last Friday I didn't get home until two thirty in the morning and was up at ten and on the road again.

Trying to figure out how much all this fucking bullshit is costing us is enough to lock my jaw shut.
Counting all the tools, the roll away I gave to my kid and the car parts I threw away, the total outlay for this Fandango is right about forty five hundred bucks, if we have to eat the security deposit.

I have already pretty much wrote that off because of the garage door that self destructed on me . We shall see. The back fence decided to try and visit the neighbors back yard here in the last couple weeks too. The wife noticed it sagging two weeks ago, the neighbors yard is about six feet below the fence and there are a bunch of trees in the way so it's not real easy to notice when it starts sagging. I went and looked at it yesterday and it is now to the point of total collapse. In two weeks it has went from a barely noticeable sag in the middle to literally hanging at about a thirty degree angle over the neighbors back yard and is only being held up by a stump and two posts for a span of about thirty feet.

This guy is going to eat that one.
It all started after he told us to get out and I have been too busy to fuck with it.
I still have to get my buddy over there to do some trim work around some of the doors, the lumber is already there and I have to go find a new door latch assembly for a twenty year old Maytag dryer. I also have to get a tow truck over there and haul that POS Sprite over here. How I am going to get it in the garage has yet to be determined as it is full of boxes and shit.

I don't think we have fully unpacked one single box here yet, we have been too damn busy over there.

Everything else left over there is cleaning, the wife says she should finish tomorrow and then the landlord is supposed to show up Tuesday to look at the place.

Either fucking way I am going to be done with this little adventure here real fucking quick, the end of the month approaches rapidly.
It won't be a minute too soon either, I have pushed myself real close to my limit and don't have a lot of reserves left. The word of the day is exhaustion, every day, lately.

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