Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Server Not Found

I will be so MOTHERFUCKING happy not to be seeing that little message on my screen anymore here soon.
I went to post something last night before I went to bed and as usual, the internet was out.
Some days there is no problem and everything works just fine. Other days, that cocksucker goes out fifteen times a day.
We have had problems with it ever since we moved into this place. I have had them out here several times and the last time the tech unexpectedly found out that there is household voltage bleeding back through the cable!
Somewhere in the walls of this house, somehow, 110 volts are finding their way in. It would require pulling all the cables out of the wall, one at a time until the offending cable was eliminated. I have put new grounds on the system and it helped but only a little bit.

Fuck, that, this is a rental.

So the guy that owns this joint can fuck with it after we are gone.
The really weird part is that while fucking around with it once I discovered that if I unscrewed the cable from the wall for a couple of seconds it would reset and come back on.We have tried other boxes and all kinds of shit.

So it got to be the little game of who was closest to the outlet and who did it last around here.

I am not going to miss that bullshit for one second.

It is getting down to crunch time here so posting is most definitely going to get spotty.
There is a metric shitload of things that need to happen and soon.
I am putting this thing down and throwing some crap in a box in 3....2...1...


Selous Scout said...
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Selous Scout said...

I hate moving. I have heard that it stresses a person worse than a death in the family.
Good luck!

Phil said...

The major stress was to find a place on such short notice. Now it's all about getting as many warm bodies assembled here at the same time and just DOING IT.
There is a ton of stuff out in the garage that simply won't go in a box and that is going to suck.

BTW, I already saw the link to your site from my Blogroll and it is the #1 thing I plan on doing when I finally get home from work tonight!

Anonymous said...

Check your electric bill. It's probably pretty high because of the short in the line.

Selous Scout said...

Hope you find something close to work so you don't have to drive a bazillion miles.

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