Friday, February 12, 2016

Moving Day Pt 1

This is going to be a giant clusterfuck, I can feel it in my bones.

I can also already tell that you won't want to be around me later this afternoon.


Anonymous said...

Liked you better when you were drinking, perhaps you need to change back to a liberal.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Click his followers link, then do some research on Billy Roper. You have no idea as to what you have gotten involved in.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Kerodin is not the only one trying to take others rights away from them,......disorderly conduct restraining order. I suppose when the WN'S start slinging shit, they should be wary of public record.

Anonymous said...

You do know what you are doing and those you are involved with... yes?

September 18, 2000

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. -- With a .45-caliber pistol resting with in easy reach, retired Green Beret Steven Barry commands a secret army of racists within the military' s elite forces from a ramshackle house just outside town.

Or so he says.

He has led the Special Forces Underground since 1992, when he founded the anti-Communist, anti-Jewish, white-supremacy group while he was on active duty. He also edits the group' s quarterly newsletter, The Resister.

"The United States military was created by white men for white men to defend a white nation," Barry said during an interview at the small, white frame house, located a few miles from Fort Bragg' s main gate. "It wasn' t designed as a multicultural, diverse, touchy-feely, huggy-snuggly social experiment in race relations."

Anonymous said...

Me too! In fact it's hard to believe how Phil has changed for the negative, extremely sharp and aware with a progressive stance before he stopped the booze. Now trumpets the crazy from the right and is no different. Too bad.

Phil said...

Sorry to burst your bubbles. I have always had a pretty strong Libertarian streak and even before I quit drinking I was starting to lean to the right.
After seeing Pelosi and Reid turn around and fuck this country like a two bit whore I finally had enough.
Throw in Schumer and Feinstein and the rest of the gun grabbing motherfuckers on the left and you can have them all.
As for throwing in with Teh Crazy, I will have you know that there is plenty of that for everyone on both sides and am not the wild eyed right wing domestic terrorist you seem to think I have become. The rule of law is dead in this country, it is run by the most corrupt circle of politicians imaginable and they all have two things in common, they are after their own wealth and power, and they have a capital letter behind their names, either a D or an R.
They are interchangeable.

Yes, I'm an asshole, always have been. Now I'm a sober asshole. I don't much care for it at times myself but it beats the shit out of being a fucking drunk any day.

Thanks for stopping by, next time at least leave a name so I know who I'm talking to, would ya?

Phil said...

Arctic Patriot is a fucking punk. I read some of his horseshit years ago and have had nothing to do with that weasel ever since.

Phil said...

I have absolutely nothing to do with Nazi Skinheads, White Nationals or any other racist organizations.
Those people are fucking troglodytes.

Anonymous said...

Phil, you are ver have many of the WN's linked, and they and AP are working in collaboration. You and many others are being sucked in, and yes the camel toe is part of it as well.

Phil said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Gary in Bama said...

Hey Phil once moved and rest delete this SOB.

Phil said...

I'm thinking there is something else going on here rather than what I thought at first blush.

I'm also thinking it isn't going to take too long for me to find out I'm right either.

wirecutter said...

Anon@10:13 You have proof of me being linked to or being a party of the nazi movement? Show it to me. Show it to me or shut your mouth. My email address is - you can send your proof there and you can send it under a disposable email address if you prefer to remain cowardly and hide under an anon tag like your boy Sammy when he's commenting on his own posts.
-Camel Toe Kenny Lane

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