Sunday, January 24, 2016

The Pile Grows

I'm busy as hell sorting and throwing away some of the crap I have collected the past few years, no small task.

The word hoarder is looking applicable here.

I had to go buy 3 more small plastic ammo cans already today for the loose stuff I had stashed away, loose as in a box here and a box there. All 3 are already full too.

Regular Sheeple would shit little rings around themselves if I openly started packing can after can after can into a new place in the daytime. I'm thinking heavy duty cardboard boxes and a hand cart will be in order.

I haven't even knocked a dent in the amount of shit that I have to go through yet but I do know myself well enough that the closer the day comes to move, the more ruthless I will get about throwing shit out because it has already started.
There will be dump runs coming here shortly.

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