Sunday, January 10, 2016

It looks Like I'll Be Able To Eat Next Week At Least

Seattle pulled out a squeaker of a win over the Vikings when the Vikings kicker missed an easy field goal with 26 seconds left in the game.

I had to take the kid to work at the beginning of the Third Quarter and it wasn't looking good for the Seahawks at that time.
He remembered when Seattle lost the Superbowl last year that my wife was so despondent that she basically didn't cook anything for a month.

I'd survive either way, she was gone to her folks yesterday and I had been hankering some real food for a while so I dug out my Cast Iron frying pans and went down to the little Mexican store where I got 5 pounds of potatoes, some fresh cut Pork Chops and some onions.
I came home and fried the shit out of the Pork chops, stuck them in the oven to keep them warm and then fried the shit out of some potatoes and onions.

Real food. I live on sandwiches and breakfast bowls all week so when the weekends roll around I want something substantial.

I pigged out man.

So if Seattle winds up choking, I know how to cook pretty damn good when I want to and ain't gonna starve, even if my poor wife throws herself into the pity pit.

She puts the Fan in Fanatic for sure.

I love her dearly.


  1. Looks like a fine meal!!!! I cant remember the last time we run out of taters. My Man meal is smoked sausage green peppers, onions and taters single skillet.

  2. Yeah that's some good eats there man.

  3. Did you cook them in bacon fat? :P

    1. I would have if I had any. The Wifely unit doesn't like me in her kitchen but my Mom and her Mom were from Missouri and Grandma ALWAYS had a little soup can full of Bacon grease sitting on the back of the stove and I pretty much learned to cook from her.
      Both of them have been gone over thirty years now and that's just about how long it's been since I have had any of the cooking I really love.
      No home made biscuits,none of the Southern food I grew up with.
      The wife is from Minnesota and doesn't have a clue how to cook like that.
      Every once in a while I can't stand it anymore and go get some bacon and canned biscuits then make my own Bacon gravy to cover them up.
      The boy thinks he died and went to Heaven.
      I tell him he has no idea what good food really is.

    2. Hell yes bacon ! Diced potatoes, onions and bacon make an awesome meal, especially when wrapped in a tortilla (thats 'wrap' to you Gringos :^) Add a pair of eggs mixed in if you don't want those falling out when you eat.

      Glad your wife's team won - Texans sucked ass, got blanked - damn it !


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