Wednesday, January 13, 2016


I got a phone call last night when I was on break when I could actually hear my phone from a number over in Oregon that I didn't recognize. Out of curiousity I answered it and some guy says " Hi Phil, it's Steve".

Silence on my part for a second or two while I wracked my brain trying to figure out who in the fuck I knew named Steve that lived in Oregon.
I finally asked , "Steve who?"

"Steve Arsehole, your landlord!" (Last name changed for obvious reasons but it's close enough)

"Oh, hi Steve, long time since I talked to you, whats up?"

"I need you to move out."

More silence as I try to process that.

"Ummm, OoooK, have you talked to my wife about this yet?'

"No, I wanted to talk to you first, man to man."

"OK, I appreciate that."

"I'm getting divorced and need  my house back"

Meanwhile I am still trying to process the first statement.

I finally got over the shock and asked what kind of timeline I was looking at and he says the end of February.
He starts babbling about how he knows how hard it is to find a place because how he has been looking and he he feels bad, blah blah blah .
Then he starts in saying how he knows we have been so good about paying the rent on time and he hopes we have been taking good care of his place and yadda yadda yadda. By this time I am pretty much done talking because I am getting pissed off so I told him I would talk to my wife and we would try to find a place ASAP. and that I was at fucking work and had to go.

Fuck, me.

Rent around here is outrageous and places are virtually impossible to find that take people who smoke, have SIX FUCKING CATS , two kids and three fucking cars plus an entire garage full of tools.. On top of that, the kid is six months away from graduating High School so that is going to be an issue I can tell already.

This is going to be a nightmare so if it gets quiet around here you will just have to understand that I am going to be busier than a one legged man in an ass kicking contest here real shortly.

The garage alone is going to be a fucking nightmare to get packed up and anyplace we find HAS to have one or I will be forced to put all that shit in storage which I DO NOT WANT TO DO.

Right in the dead of fucking Winter to boot.

All I can think is that God must have a plan here, things happen for a reason and He has always taken care of my sorry ass in the past, one way or another.

I am putting this in His hands and hoping that this is actually an opportunity in disguise.. Either way it is His Will and I am going to do what I can to find a place and make arrangement to get as much help as possible lined up for when we do move.

All that stuff out in the garage is heavier than shit and I am flat out too damn old now to be trying to move that shit by myself.

ONE toolbox alone probably weighs close to five hundred pounds, you don't just wheel those things up onto a lift gate  by yourself and I have 3 of those alone.
 Engine hoist, engine stand, with a Chevy 350 bolted onto it, oh this is going to be a joy.
That garage is so full ya can't hardly get around in it.

It is what it is , I'll try and keep posting until I can't and then go from there.

It usually only takes a few minutes to knock out a quicky post so stay tuned, there will be pissing and moaning coming for your entertainment at the very least because no matter what, there always seems to be some kind of fucking disaster lurking just around the corner when shit like this comes down the pike.


Sixbears said...


Good luck. Hope this turns out to be an opportunity in disguise.

Gary in Bama said...

DAMN !!! That has to hurt. Man I wish you luck.

I cant imagine moving. The kid that is graduating should be able to stay in present school regardless. May be you will be able to purchase something permanent.

drjim said...

Oh, boy.....

"Blindsided" barely describes it. This is more like an ELE asteroid hitting you.....

Anonymous said...

My condolences sir, I hope the search for new digs is short and sweet.


idahobob said...

Wow! Had that happen to me a couple of times, MANY years ago, when rents were fairly cheap and numerous.

I'll be praying that God supplies you with what you need, when you need it.

Even though I live about a days drive from where you are, if and when you need help, (hey, I'm an old crippled up curmudgeon myself) give me a holler.


B said...


I have always believed that He won't give you more than you can handle.

Having said that, this a good example why you should own rather than rent. Yeah, for the first have of the mortgage you are really renting anyway, but it is harder to have the rug yanked out from under you like this. ....

Irish said...

Good luck Phil. I'm sure you'll get through such a shitty situation.

deborah harvey said...

if push comes to shove could your child room with a clASSMATE'S FAMILY UNTIL GRADUATION??
he must have some buddies with amiable families?

bj said...

man! Ain't that a kick in the slats!and don't shitty shit always happen to good people! hope ya'll find a better place at less money! and in the same school district!
Hang in there, 'Knucks!!

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