Saturday, December 5, 2015

Must Be Portland

I keep seeing references to this Man Bun bullshit on the internets and didn't know WTF they were talking about.

Now I see and no, they ain't cool you wanna be hipster fucking jackasses.

Worse yet, now some clown over in Portland is trying to pass himself off as a Hipster Santa Clause, in jeans, a sweater and a Man Bun.

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Good news! We found the real Santa.

He’s in Pioneer Place in downtown Portland and he’s a lot more hipster than previously thought.
Hipster Santa says he'll be getting around town on his bike. (

Santa has recently been spotted in the mall sitting on a PDX carpet chair sporting jeans, a sweater and a man bun.

He’s decided to give his reindeer some time off while he’s in Portland. In the meantime, hipster Santa says he’ll be getting around town on his bike.

Catch Santa and his man bun on Thursday evening in the lower level rotunda pavilion. He has 2 more nights this season: Dec. 10 and December 17.

Please, make it stop!

Just a note to you guys out there, this Man Bun bullshit makes you look like a fucking sissy, knock that shit off.



  1. Damn you! I went 53 and 1/2 years without knowing such a thing ever existed, much less seeing one, and I bet I could have gone at least one decade more, but then you had to go and post this. The quality of my life has slipped a bit because of it. Now I have to have something great happen just to break even. Thanks a lot!

  2. "Knock that shit off!" Amen, brother.

  3. I think he might be some kind of perv. HAY KID ! Come over and sit on Santa lumpy-pants lap.

  4. My daughter sent this to me recently. "Seriously Dad, you'd look awesome with one of these gay hairbuns!"

    She is an asshole in addition to her regular job as a wildlife biologist. I have no idea where she get's it from.

    1. That's funny shit there, she sounds like a hoot.

  5. "We get that you're a grown-ass man who can do whatever he damn well pleases to his hair, and we unreservedly support you exercising inalienable right to style your long locks into a man-bun. Just know that most women abhor it.

    A new survey sponsored by West Coast Shaving reports that nearly 63 percent of American women either dislike or outright hate the man-bun. A full 58 percent wouldn't date a guy who wore his hair in a bun, and 74 percent don't think their current or former significant other would look attractive if he grew out his hair and put it up in a ball on top of his head.

    But the thing we find most telling about the survey is the word women most frequently associate with the man bun: feminine. Although, given this generation's interest in androgyny and genderlessness, we're not sure if that's a good or a bad thing." Good, less breeding. Darwinism at it's finest


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