Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Objects In Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear

Any closer and you would be playing Bumper Cars.

This is one of the pictures I took last Summer at the Spruce Goose museum.

Unfortunately I failed to download a shitload more I had taken, including all of the ones of the Spruce Goose its self and the inside of the cockpit, before I lost my damn phone.



skybill said...

HI Phil,
'Saw the "Goose" back when it was on display in Long Beach next to the "Queen!!" Quite a "Bird!!" As for the posted photo, looks like a "Mig!!" 'Remember over at the "Aviation Classics" Hanger on the South side of the ramp at Stead-Reno back in the 90's they had some Chi-Com Mig airframes alongside.... The next year they were "Flyin'!!! What a Rush!!
While you still have your Wings!!!!!

skybill said...

Hi Phil,
Do a search and find the old '56-'57 U.A. Movie "The Hunters" with Robert Mitchum and Richard Egan....... Mig's over Korea!! Cleaver Saville (Robert Mitchum) was "The Ice Man!!!!" Val Kilmer needs to take lessons from him!!
My favorite line from the movie is when Mitchum shows up at the morning briefing when Richard Egan is talking to the guys....Egan was the Flight leader (I think??) some guy they called the "Monkey" Montgomery was the CO....anyway, Egan says when Mitchum walks in,"Well, Well, Well....At Ease You Guys, Welcome my old Flyin' Buddy, Cleaver Saville.....He and I were flyin' together when all a Pilot had for Breakfast was a 'Cigarette and a Hangover!!!!!!!"
PS If yer' half an "AV8or" you'll love it!!

Ron Russell said...

Not much of an authority on airplanes---did manage to see the Blue Angels while stationed at the Naval Air Station in Kingsville, Texas. But what stands out more than anything was my getting to see and meet General Claire Chennault (commanding officer of the famed Flying Tigers in the early days of WWII). My father had a barber shop in Monroe, LA back then and the General was a regular customer. Use to have his autograph and a lock of hair, sadly those were lost years ago.

Ron Russell said...

Didn't realize it until I scrolled down, but the image on the Rule 3 Widget is a little large for your sidebar, you can adjust it by going into the code. I would suggest changing the width from 240 to 210 and the height from 200 to 175. Hope that will work out better for you.

Phil said...

Ahh, much better, thanks.

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