Monday, December 21, 2015

It's because we are easy pickin's

We have gotten too comfortable and too damn lazy.

Just wait until all these Special Snowflakes coming of age have to start dealing with these fucking radical assholes.

There ain't gonna be no such thing a a Safe Zone to go cry in about how your little feelers got hurt.

Image dutifully swiped from The Go Away Garage.

I am going to warn you now, fix lunch and go to the bathroom before you head over there, I ain't kidding.

After I stumbled onto that place I spent an entire weeks worth of evenings going through the archives and never finished them all.
If you are into custom and vintage race bikes, old cars, Hot Rods,old ships, planes and hot chicks, I probably won't be seeing you back here for a while.

You're welcome.

1 comment:

Daniel Barger said...

They are coming here for the same reason they are going to Europe.....the Hijrah....conquest by numbers. They intend to outbreed us till WE are the enslaved minority

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