Wednesday, December 23, 2015

ISIS Actually LOST Ground This Year

Not nearly enough in my opinion, mainly because our Commander In Chief is an enabling fucking pussy Muslim apologist but you already knew that.

Says here they lost a net 14% of the territory they held last year.
The part I found interesting is the analysist's opinion that they have stretched themselves a bit thin in some areas and the Kurds went right in, cleaned their clocks and almost tripled their previous holdings.

Gotta love them people.
They hate those ISIS bastards more than I do and that's saying something because I have less than zero like for those donkey humping troglodites.

Islamic State’s caliphate shrinks by 14% in 2015

There is more but you have to register to see it and I think this was copying and pasting more than I like to do but it was necessary to get the whole picture.

Now if we could just unleash a few of those cruise missiles we have sitting around getting dusty at some known targets maybe we could give them some of the ground they seem to want so badly.
Six feet of it, on top of their dead bodies.

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