Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Attention Gun Grabbers, Your Mission Has Failed, Go Home And Prepare To Die.

Yes, prepare to die, of old age as far as I can tell. Most of you are going to wind up that way before you get shot by a lawful gun owner in this country according to all the statistics out there, you just refuse to believe it.

If all of use were the murderous rampaging maniacs you so fervently want everyone else to believe, then you would have already been cut down in a hail of bullets six ways from Sunday.

Since Obama took office, there have been over 100 million guns sold in this country.

Can you grok that?

Can you?

Do you understand that on top of the millions of guns already in the hands of Americans that they have purchased ONE HUNDRED MILLION MORE in the last seven years?

Face it, guns are as American as Apple Pie.

Again I say, if we were all the murderous maniacal boogeymen you make us out to be, you would already be dead a hundred times over.

The fact that you aren't should give you pause for a moment to reflect on your insatiable and unwinnable quest to disarm your fellow citizens, but it won't.

I know it won't because you have convinced yourselves that these inanimate objects are the root cause of all unnecessary death and misery, interracial murder, international genocide, global warming and your unwed teenage daughters pregnancy all rolled up into one nice neat little package.

You people are neurotic, do you know that?
Certifiably so.

Oh I am aware of all these phony statistics you are so fond of waving under our noses and we all know they are bullshit propaganda tools. The fact that gun deaths have actually declined over the years despite the immense increase in gun sales at the same time has no place in your reality, where the sun is green and the grass is blue.

Facts are facts and those are the facts, Jack. Look 'em up.

The recent front page bleatings from the NY Times editorial board demanding gun and ammo restrictions and voluntary disarmament by citizens exercising their absolute right to self defense was instantly laughed out of the room then met with absolutely serious reminders from citizens of all walks of life that any attempts at forceful gun seizures would be met with deadly force just to put a fine point on the return message to such wishful thinking.

We all know that you can't help yourselves and that you will not just shut the fuck up about it and go away so let me give you a piece of advice here,
We are all done with your nonsense, have been for a while now but you won't stop screaming at the top of your lungs long enough to see this.

There will be no more compromises with you people as compromise is generally defined as both sides giving up something they desire to reach a mutual agreement.
The only thing you ever give up is the three seconds of peace we get while you take a deep breath before you start screaming some new demands.

As far as I am concerned, you are the ones who are out of control. You have let this issue blind you to the fact that you are being played hard by some folks with an agenda and a lot of money to spend on shaping the opinions they think you should have.

The reality here is that the guns are not going to go away no matter how many laws you pass.
All you accomplish with that strategy is making criminals out of otherwise law abiding citizens because as I said before, we are done playing that game.

We absolutely will not disarm, period.

Just look and see how many "assault rifles" got turned in up in Connecticut if you don't believe what I am telling you.
As a matter of fact, I predict more record gun and ammunition sales. Wise up, buy some stock in it.

The world has gotten to be a dangerous place and if you so desire to be the willing victims of random violence then that is your choice.
You won't be taking mine not to.

God Bless America and pass the ammunition because you folks are painting yourselves into a corner here and it's not the one I would choose to try and defend against the largest and most heavily armed potential fighting force on the entire planet.

E Pluribus Unem,

Molon Labe.


skybill said...

Hi Phil,
That's a "BIG 10-4" Buddy!! 'Put about 150 rounds, (9mm and .45ACP) down range yesterday, well day before yesterday now but who cares!! Yesterday my local Wallyworld had a nice stash of CCI "Mini-Mag" .22LR (3) ea. (100) round paks!! 'Got the weekend off, if it's too cold to go Fishing or to cloudy and rainy to go "Skydiving" I'll definitely go to the Range!! Current forecast is OK for Sat..."Jump day!!" Sunday suppose to rain ....'have a nice indoor range...guess I'll go SHOOT!!...There's a "HOOTERS" just across the street.. good place to go to wash down that gun smoke in the throat!! C-U There!!
Got Gunz....OUTLAW!!!
PS I just know my post really pisses off a lot of those liberal gun grabbers. Actually what is really happening is that they like to parade around with a piece of "Corn Cob" residing just inside their rectum!! Well it seems that the piece of corn cob is getting "Soggy" and beginning to irritate them!!! They need to take it out and replace it with a fresh piece!! Maybe then they will be happy!!

Anonymous said...

Mullah Obama wants to take away our guns in order to keep us safe from the crazies. How about if Mullah Obama disarm ISIS, just to keep them safe from us crazy law-abiding American citizens.

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